Buyers & Sellers

Buyers & Sellers: A couple works with a Realtor.

Coldwell Banker United helps buyers and sellers get the results they need. In addition, our dedicated and highly skilled Agents understand the Fort McMurray real estate market. Because of their experience, they can offer personalized attention to buyers and sellers, finding them the right home or the right offer. The information we’ve gathered over the years can be helpful to home buyers, and that’s why we’ve collected the following resources. When you know more about the buying and selling process, then you’ll be more relaxed and informed. Our resources contain a wide variety of helpful tips for buyers & sellers. For example, we’ve got information on what a REALTOR® can do for you.

In addition, we talk about the importance of home insurance and title insurance. Have you ever wondered what home improvements will help sell your house? As it turns out, we’ve got the answer to that too.

Coldwell Banker United knows that moving or selling your property can be a stressful and confusing experience. However, with our expertise, the process becomes simpler and easier for everyone. First, browse our collected resources for more tips for buyers and sellers. Next, check out our FAQ. Finally, when you’re ready to get experienced, professional help with your real estate decisions, contact our team.

Buyers Resources

Our collected resources for buyers contain tips on buying a house for the first time, how to get a mortgage, and more. 

Sellers Resources

Our sellers resources discuss questions to ask your REALTOR®, moving checklists, and other handy information.