Buying a home may well be the largest financial investment you will ever make, so consider home inspections. This means you’ll know as much as possible about the property before you buy it. If you’re seriously thinking about purchasing a house, condo, or mobile home, then a thorough home inspection can buy you peace of mind.

Cost of Home Inspections

It’s important to hire a knowledgeable, independent home inspector for advice on the overall condition of the property. Because there are different types of inspections, you’ll want to negotiate a purchase contract beforehand. The purchase contract usually requires specific time periods for each inspection. In addition, the contract specifies what happens if the inspection is late.

Usually the buyer pays for any home inspections or re-inspections. Additionally, home inspectors charge different rates, so shop around before making a choice. Prices can range from $350 to $900, depending on the property type, for whole-house inspections.

What Is A Home Inspection?

Some examples of common inspections are:

  • Structural. Poor construction, soil movement, water or drainage conditions, settlement, and fire can all be responsible for structural defects.
  • Environmental Hazards. These include asbestos, lead-based paint, radon gas or any other toxic material.
  • Roof. Roof inspections include framing members, decking, and shingle condition.
  • EMP. Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing . This inspection should include electrical and plumbing systems, built-in appliances, heating and cooling systems, swimming pool/spas, sprinkler systems and security systems.
  • Termite. This report shows any visible infestation or visible damage from wood destroying organism (termites, water damage, wood rot).

Many companies specialize in only one area of inspection, while others group several together and offer a package price. Whichever route you go, assure yourself you’re getting the inspections you need. You can find many home inspectors in the Yellow Pages or online. APHIS, the Alberta Professional Home Inspectors Society, works to standardize the inspection profession in Alberta. Your Real Estate Professional can also provide recommendations.